Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 review: this phone has 3 main cameras

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 review: this phone has 3 main cameras

You can buy Samsung Galaxy A7 here

Today it is difficult to compete with phones that offer top-end equipment for $ 300. Even Samsung noticeably loses its leading position before the onset of such companies as Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi or OnePlus. Perhaps the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) will be able to change the situation for the Korean company.

However, in appearance, the Galaxy A7 2018 looks a bit dull. With what Samsung decided to attract buyers? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 out of the box

In a familiar design box, we find:

  • Galaxy A7 (2018).
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Charger 7.75 watts.
  • Headset with 3.5 mm jack,
  • User Guide.
  • SIM card extraction tool (clip).

Design and appearance

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is covered with glass. The phone is light, but overall. This is not a device that is easy to operate with one hand. The device is slippery, so I recommend wearing it in a case.

On the right side of the smartphone is the volume key and a slightly recessed power button, which is quite difficult to grope. At the bottom of the new Galaxy A7 is a 3.5mm jack, a micro USB port and a single speaker. On the reverse side there is a main module with three cameras. Moisture protection is absent here.

Galaxy A7 (2018) comes in three colors — blue (the model being watched), black and gold.

The fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is installed in the power button, and I think this is a bad decision. Of course, this does not spoil the overall impression of the smartphone, but reaching out to the edge is very inconvenient.

This is not the fastest scanner I have ever seen. There is a slight but noticeable delay when unlocking.

Face recognition

The Galaxy A7 (2018) also has a face recognition feature that works fast. I tested the function with and without glasses, as well as in a well-lit room and in the dark. My face was recognized without problems. But, if you look at the screen from the wrong angle, as well as while driving, the recognition often does not work.

Super AMOLED display

Tested Samsung Galaxy A7 is equipped with a Super AMOLED screen – a 6-inch panel with Full HD resolution (1080 × 2220 pixels). The colors are saturated, the black ones are deep, and the viewing angles are large.

There are several different color modes. However, the screen glares strongly when exposed to light, which makes it inconvenient for use outdoors. The frames around the display are significant, which modern customers may not like.

There is one useful feature “Always on the screen”, allows you to quickly see the missed notifications or calls, and the filter, it allows you to comfortably look at the display in the dark.

Interface and software

Phone Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) works on last year’s version of the operating system Android 8 Oreo, which is disappointing. The reason for this is probably the Samsung Experience user interface, which needs global changes before it becomes suitable for the new Android.

Whatever the reasons, it’s hard to justify this, especially considering that low-cost Android phones rarely get updates. Nevertheless, the Samsung Experience is a fairly reliable interface that slowly but surely solves all the tasks.

What is missing here is the navigation with gestures that even cheaper gadgets use today.

Performance and Tests

Galaxy A7 (2018) runs on a Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7885 processor, which is somewhere between a Snapdragon 636 and a Snapdragon 660 in performance. This is a chip with two Cortex A73 cores and six Cortex A53 built on a 14nm process.

The device comes in three memory configurations:

  • 4/64 GB
  • 4/128 GB.
  • 6/128 GB.

The new Samsung Galaxy A7 is not the fastest smartphone in the class, applications load with a delay, the keyboard appears after a short pause, and the unlock speed is rather slow.

Test results

AnTuTu 121 484
JetStream 48 317
GFXBench Car Chase on-screen 5,7
GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 on-screen 9,4
Geekbench 4 (одноядерный) 1516
Geekbench 4 (многоядерный) 4350

Internet and connections

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) supports the simultaneous installation of two SIM-cards and microSD card. For wireless connections, there is dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Cameras (2018)

The smartphone Galaxy A7 (2018) is equipped with a module with three cameras. The presence of a wide-angle lens (overview of 120 degrees) allows you to capture more objects and shoot in hard-to-reach places. This gives the smartphone an extra versatility. The equipment does not have telephoto cameras on board, but there is a “Live Focus” portrait mode. The front-facing camera also supports Live Focus.

On the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) cameras are installed:

  • 24-megapixel main, aperture f / 1.7, focal length 27 mm.
  • 8-megapixel with ultra-wide angle, aperture f / 2.4, focal length 18 mm.
  • 5-megapixel with direct focusing (depth), aperture f / 2.2.
  • 24-megapixel front-facing selfie camera with LED flash.

Photo quality

The picture quality of the Galaxy A7 varies from normal to poor. With enough light and good conditions, the photos are good at best. There is a correct white balance and high color rendition, but the detailing leaves much to be desired. Especially in areas with shadows.

With poor lighting, the dynamic range is lost, the detail becomes even worse, and the brighter areas burn out. A wide-angle lens offers an interesting perspective, but it smears the details even worse, and the photos mostly look too blurry.

The front camera with good lighting creates a good selfie. In dark conditions, the built-in LED flash helps a lot.

Video quality

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7 allows you to record video only with 1080p resolution at a speed of 30 frames / s, since 4K is missing.


The picture for the most part is quite good, there is stabilization. Autofocus continuous, but slightly slow. You can shoot video and wide-angle camera, but during shooting you can not switch between them. It is worth considering that many phones in this price range already offer 4K video.

Sound quality

Galaxy A7 (2018) has one speaker installed. Its quality is rather average, and the sound is a bit hard, it lacks depth.

As already mentioned, here Samsung left the headphone jack. The gadget comes with a headset in the kit, but I recommend using higher quality headphones, since the base ones are too simple.

Connection quality

Problems with the quality of calls to the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) I did not have. The voices in both directions are clear and loud, the phone supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which allows you to enjoy even clearer sound.

Battery autonomy

The overlooked phone is equipped with a 3300 mAh battery. In the standard battery test, it worked 8 hours, which is slightly above the average for 2018 smartphones.

Using the 7.75 W charger, the Galaxy A7 charges from 0 to 100% in 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is quite long. Wireless charging is missing.


Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) prices and alternatives

The cost of the Galaxy A7 (2018) is $ 350 (Rs. 28,990), and this is quite a high cost for such a phone. If you look for alternatives, then their mass:

  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 costs the same and offers more from any side.
  • Honor 10 will cost $ 340, it offers more in terms of performance, appearance and refinement.
  • Meizu 16x sells for $ 370, but it offers a much better camera, a top design with a scanner on the screen, powerful hardware, and much more.
  • Nokia 7.1 costs the same, but the phone has received a more compact design, a fresh and new version of Android, and promising cameras.



Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is a beautiful phone in a stylish glass case. It copes well with everyday tasks, but its performance is not enough for demanding users. In addition, the cameras are disappointing, the fingerprint scanner is slow and in an awkward place, the ancient microUSB port, there is no control over gestures and, in general, the smartphone is not impressive, especially at the price Samsung is asking for.


  • Modern design.
  • Beautiful AMOLED screen.
  • Battery life


  • Quality cameras.
  • Large screen frames.
  • Location scanner prints.
  • MicroUSB, not USB-C.
  • No 4K video support.
  • Slowly charging.


You can buy Samsung Galaxy A7 here

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